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If stains have you feeling self-conscious about your teeth, it’s time to change that. Teeth that are yellowed and stained are not necessarily a sign of poor oral hygiene practices––these changes are part of the normal aging process. As enamel begins to thin when we get older, it results in teeth that appear more yellow. Stains can also be caused by smoking, certain medications, and a habit of drinking tea, red wine, or coffee. Even excessive exposure to fluoride in childhood can also cause tooth discoloration.

The good news is that whitening teeth is an easy, effective process and our Burlington, MA dental practice offers solutions that fit every budget. Treatment options include:

In-Office Bleaching, which is the best solution for dramatic and immediate results. During this procedure, a protective gel is first applied to your gums to protect the soft tissue. Then we apply a powerful bleaching gel to your teeth. A special light is used to activate this gel and enhance its results. The entire treatment takes about an hour, but the results are impressive and can last for years with proper maintenance.

At-Home Whitening involves using trays filled with bleaching gel for more gradual results. The whitening kits we provide for home treatment are more effective than over-the-counter solutions found in stores and online; they utilize custom-made trays that fit your teeth perfectly and a safe, specially-formulated whitening agent. We will instruct you on how to use your whitening trays, as well as how long and how often to use them.

Other options for discolored teeth include bonding and dental veneers. During your consultation, we will discuss your treatment goals and your unique dental needs to come up with a plan for whitening your smile that is right for you.

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