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General & Family Dentistry

Lexington Prosthodontics provides general dentistry in Burlington, MA. Call 781-222-3359 to learn more and schedule your appointment.

Prosthodontists have a special eye for detail, which is why they’re a great choice for general dentistry. Our practice provides a full range of family dentistry services for patients of all ages. Patients choose Dr. Cusanello for his knowledge and expertise, but they come back year after year because they appreciate his caring nature and commitment to providing personalized care for every patient.

We offer the following general dentistry services in our Burlington office:

Dental Cleanings – As part of your routine dental check-ups, we perform a thorough cleaning to remove plaque and tartar from the surfaces of your teeth. Once your teeth are cleaned, we polish them to create smooth surfaces, which makes it more difficult for plaque to build up in the future.

Emergency Exams – Dental emergencies happen and that’s why we’re happy to offer same-day emergency dental services to our patients. Whether it’s an accident that results in a tooth being knocked out, an unbearable toothache, or anything else that needs treatment right away, our team will make sure you’re taken care of as soon as possible.

Fillings – When you have a cavity, we remove the portion of the tooth that is decayed, then use a dental filling to seal the tooth and prevent future decay from occurring. Composite resin is the most common material used for dental fillings, as it matches the color of the rest of the tooth for natural-looking results. If tooth decay is significant, we may choose inlays or onlays instead, which are lab-created porcelain fillings that cover most of the tooth.

Sealants – Sealants are frequently used in pediatric dentistry to prevent cavities from forming, but they may be recommended for adults as well. They’re used whenever teeth have fine grooves or pits, where plaque accumulates easily and prove to be difficult to clean. The sealants fill these grooves as a safeguard against decay.

Night Guards – If you suffer from TMJ disorder, sleep apnea, or grind your teeth while you sleep, a night guard is a potential treatment option. Our night guards are custom-made for your teeth and jaw, making them comfortable to wear throughout the night.

Mouth Guards – For patients that participate in contact sports, custom mouth guards are recommended to protect the teeth, jaw, tongue, and inside of the cheeks during activity.

Periodontal Treatment – We perform a procedure called scaling and root planing at our office, a treatment used to reverse gum disease. During this procedure, plaque and tartar are removed from pockets that have formed between the teeth and gums. Then, the root of the tooth is smoothed to help the gum reattach, eliminating the pockets.

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