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Temporary or Immediate Dentures

Lexington Prosthodontics provides services for immediate dentures for patients awaiting their permanent dentures in Burlington, MA. Call 781-222-3359 to learn more and schedule your appointment. 

After teeth are extracted, it can take a few months for the jawbone and soft tissue to heal before permanent dentures can be fitted. Many patients experience anxiety at the thought of having to go without some or all of their teeth during this time, but even if you’ve lost all your teeth, all is not lost! We offer temporary dentures to help keep you smiling while you wait for your permanent dentures.

Immediate dentures can be custom-made or prefabricated. They are inserted in your mouth immediately after your teeth are extracted so you don’t have to worry about going without teeth or being unable to eat as you normally would. They also protect your gums during the healing period and help you get used to living with dentures.

As your mouth heals from your extractions, you may experience some tenderness and discomfort, and it may take some time to get used to eating and talking with dentures. Some patients need to have their dentures relined for a more secure fit; if your dentures don’t feel quite right, let us know and we can make adjustments to help them feel better.

Immediate dentures are not designed to be a permanent solution. You’ll wear them for two to three months and then once your gums and jaw are healed enough to be fitted for a permanent denture restoration, a new set of impressions will be taken. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Immediate Dentures

Are immediate dentures a permanent solution?

Although some patients attempt to use immediate dentures as a permanent replacement for missing teeth, they’re best used for a short amount of time while you wait for your gums and jaw to heal enough for permanent dentures to be fitted. Because immediate dentures are fitted to your gums right after extraction, they’re unlikely to fit as well once the swelling resolves and the supporting structures of the teeth heal.

Are immediate dentures a good idea?

Immediate dentures are a good idea for patients who feel self-conscious about going without teeth for a few months. They allow you to eat and speak more easily, and help you get used to caring for and living with dentures. Immediate dentures also help protect your gums as they heal from your extractions.

Should immediate dentures be removed at night?

It’s best for dentures to be removed at night. This allows your gums and jawbone to rest and it gives you the opportunity to clean and disinfect your dentures.

Can you eat with immediate dentures?

Of course! It’s important to eat with immediate dentures because it will help you acclimate to life as a denture-wearer. Stick to soft foods and liquids for the first few days, as your extractions are still healing, and then begin to incorporate a wider variety of foods as the extraction sites start feeling less tender. We will provide you with dietary guidelines.

How soon after immediate dentures can I use adhesive?

It’s important not to use denture adhesive while your gums are still healing from your extractions. Wait for at least seven to 10 days before affixing your dentures with adhesive.

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